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Faith Accompaniment and Spiritual Guidance Ministry

Have you ever hoped for someone to walk alongside and talk with you through a life changing event, listening to your story and assuring you that you are not alone. Others have experienced what you are feeling. Accompaniment calls us to help one another when there is need.

Faith Accompaniment Ministry was formed as a way for people to come together to interact with others who will ask the question “How are you?” and really want to hear how you REALLY are. Sometimes the people closest to us just do not want to hear anymore. I must admit, I’ve been guilty of that with family closest to me. It will work for alittle while but then we hear it as the same old story.

Some life events are short while others go on for years. Some will be lifetime commitments in care-giving due to chronic illness, aging parents, and disability challenges. We will experience grief from loss of loved ones, pets, family break ups, financial stress, and anxiety disorders.

Many are feeling financial difficulties due to loss of jobs, or jobs that pay minimum wage are a challenge to struggling families. While, other families are experiencing moms or dads taking on two jobs due to financial strains.

These are painful situations. It’s the questions that we ask in those difficult moments that are important-- How does faith survive? How do I get through this? Have you ever hoped for someone to talk with you about a life event because they experienced those same feelings.

“Merciful Mondays” is a spin off of this ministry. Did you know that Monday nights are “Support and Care” nights at LCR? Each Monday 7:00-8:30 pm we will hold a different support and care group. Please read Resurrection Connections for dates and name of topic to be discussed. Don’t forget to visit our “Support and Care” corner next to the office. As a reminder, we have a wonderful library of books available to us. Please visit the LCR library for topics that might interest you.

Questions may be addressed to Deacon Barbara Merritt at or 215-519-7499.