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Lifestyle Stewardship


In the Scriptures we hear that God is the owner of all things. Everything on the earth belongs to the Lord, including us. All of us are entrusted with gifts from God; gifts that include our time, our talent, and our financial resources. We are called to be “faithful stewards/managers” of these resources. All these resources are given for the building up of God’s kingdom. All these gifts are given so that we might use them not for ourselves, but for God’s glory.

In the fall of each year, we have a Stewardship Month when we focus on exploring our role as good stewards. In worship, we hear from fellow LCR members who give their personal testimonies on what it means to them to be good stewards. Through prayer and preaching, we are challenged to grow our giving so that what we give to God is an intentional gift given after thought and prayer.

LCR encourages its members to complete an annual pledge (intention of giving). Each family unit is encouraged to prayerfully consider their financial giving for the upcoming year. We encourage members to grow in percentage giving. The Biblical standard for giving is called a “tithe”. It is the first ten percent of our income and resources given to God first. We realize that not all members are tithers so we encourage members to work toward a tithe by increasing their percentage giving each year.

Our pattern of giving is an expression of our faith. Learning to give sacrificially teaches us to trust in God to provide for us and our families.

God has created each of us with a need to “give”. Giving of our time, talent, and treasure changes us and grows us spiritually. And when we each give of ourselves, it is amazing to see how God takes all our gifts, mixes them together, and multiplies them for the sake of the world.