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Serving Hearts Ministry

We believe that we are blessed by God with spiritual gifts in our Baptism. Everyone has a unique combination of gifts, which we are called to use while being the hands and feet of Christ for those we meet along life’s journey. All gifts are of equal importance and all can be used to God’s glory.

The Serving Hearts Ministry was created to assist all members, from the youngest to the oldest, in identifying and recognizing the spiritual gifts they possess. This is done through relationship and discernment. The ministry then assists individuals by linking them with ministry opportunities within our community.

This is called asset based ministry. We recognize that everyone is better served if people are serving in ministries to which they are called, and for which they have a true passion.

The Serving Hearts Ministry is here to assist you in realizing your gifts as you open your heart to serve. There are many ways to serve and many opportunities within our congregation. We are always open to new ministry opportunities and are willing to assist you get a new idea off the ground.

Please contact Diane Casey, Serving Hearts Coordinator, to begin the conversation about how you can best use your God-given gifts to be the hands, feet, voice, ears, eyes or heart of Christ in our world.

Child of God, there is a place for you here!

Diane Casey