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An Automated Giving Program from Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

A Simple Choice, a Generous Response

The Simply Giving® program is an opportunity to provide your offerings or contributions in a simple, safe and practical way. Through electronic funds transfer, you can be assured that Lutheran Church of the Resurrection (LCR) receives your contributions on a steady, uninterrupted basis. Stewardship of time, talent and money has been Thrivent Financial for Lutherans’ strength for more than 80 years. During eight decades of enormous change, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans has remained focused on fulfilling its mission of service to Lutherans, their congregations, institutions and communities.

Simply Giving® is a straightforward stewardship tool offered as a relevant modern-times option in response to the timeless gift of grace. As you examine your own response to the boundless gift of God’s grace, consider making a simple, but profound, choice about stewardship.

The commitment to good stewardship starts with you. And Simply Giving® helps your commitment take consistent shape. It allows you to share first fruits through planned giving and activates your stewardship into an ongoing, generous response.

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If you have any questions about the Simply Giving® program or the Member Authorization form, please contact the church office at (215) 493-2018 or email your questions to